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What is a Certificate of Compliance?
The Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is a declaration by the registered person that the electrical installation has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 and the regulations hereunder.
If any part of an electrical installation does not comply, the registered person cannot issue a certificate.

What is a Test Report?
The test report contains all the specific details of the electrical installation. It is a comprehensive record of exactly what forms part of the installation inclusive of specific tests in relation to readings and test instruments used. The test report accompanies the Certificate of Compliance.

Who must have a Certificate of Compliance?
According to Regulation 7 (1), of the Occupation Health and Safety Act, 1993, every user or lessor of an electrical installation, must have a valid CoC accompanied by a test report, in respect for every such electrical installation, which is valid for 2 (two) years.
Every property owner or alternatively person renting a property must have a valid CoC, furthermore should an inspector of the Department of Labour or supply authority or approved inspection authority request the CoC a valid CoC must be produced.
There is only one exception that if the installation existed prior to October 1992 and there have been no additions or alterations to that installation, and it has not changed ownership since 1 March 1994, then no CoC is required. Provided that if there was any change of ownership or any addition or alteration to the electrical installation after March 1994, the user or lessor as the case may be, shall obtain a CoC for the whole electrical installation.

Selling Property and the role of the Certificate of Compliance:
The Occupational Health and Safety Act has always determined under Section 22 that a property cannot be offered for sale unless a valid CoC is in place.

About the Electrical Certificate of Compliance - COC