Home Electrical Request a Certificate Alternative/Solar Contact
Home Electrical Request a Certificate Alternative/Solar Contact

Tips for the purchaser:

· An electrical inspection is not done to check that things work. It is done to ensure the reasonable safety and compliance of the installation.

· Many complaints/disputes can be avoided if a more detailed Offer to Purchase is completed.

· An important point to note is that anything off a plug top, extension cord or that plugs in, is not covered by the Electrical Compliance Certificate.

· The actual appliances are not covered by the Electrical Compliance Certificate. This includes stoves, ovens, air-conditioning units, geysers, pool motors etc.

· Light bulbs, pool lamps and other lamps/tubes are not covered, but can be replaced if so requested.

· A contractor cannot be held responsible for any nuisance tripping which may occur once a faulty earth leakage unit has been replaced or a new one installed or when circuits are restored onto the earth leakage system.

· In order to prevent unnecessary problems, ensure that the process of obtaining a certificate is completed before commencing any alterations to the property.

Tips for the seller:

· Never use a contractor who is unlicensed. It pays to use a reputable company. There are serious implications if an invalid certificate is issued.

· Unless specified elsewhere in the Sale Agreement, fixed appliances fall under the “voetstoets” clause and are not part of the test.

· The electrical contractor is not responsible for painting, patching or tarring if this becomes necessary.

· For the electrical test, please ensure that:

  ·    All light and plug points are accessible for testing;

  ·    There is access to the geyser and outbuildings;

  ·    All computer data is saved and computers switched off.

· Please check immediately after an inspection or repairs have been carried out to ensure that fridges, freezers, fish tank pumps, pool pumps etc are working.

· Sometimes 'nuisance' tripping occurs once earth leakage units are installed or circuits are restored onto the earth leakage system.

· Before advising the contractor to remove lights or disconnect circuits etc., please bear in mind the purchaser is entitled to receive all fixtures present when an offer to purchase is made. If necessary, this should be done before the property is marketed.

· Because something works does not mean it is necessarily compliant.

· The seller remains responsible for the inspection fee if he chooses to use an alternate electrician to effect repairs. If the seller wishes the first electrician to issue the certificate but not effect the repairs, a re-inspection will be necessary for which a charge will be levied, commensurate with the amount of re-inspection involved.

· Sometimes, whilst effecting repairs, additional faults may be revealed. If the associated cost of repairs thereto exceeds 10% of the quoted repair bill, we shall request authority to proceed.